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SAHARA MOTORS- Brand New car Exporters, mission is to serve a worldwide customer base providing innovative international automobile trading.

We are specialists in supplying genuine brand new cars like Sedans, SUV’s, Pickup Trucks, Bus Van, Xtreme edition vehicles etc..for customers spread across the world. Our product range extends from low cost budget vehicles to premium luxury riding options and our association with leading brands ensure that the customer is always endowed with superior quality, value for money and the best solution for their transporting needs. 

We establish long-term business through our high-end service and partnerships based on respect, transparency and deals. The satisfaction of our clients stands equal to fiscal gains in regards to the level of success we see in our company. Our goal is to shape the future of car trading and become the most trusted source from Middle East.

Exporting Brand New Automobiles

Importing automobiles from Worldwide

Bulk arrangements of vehicles to Traders / companies

Customisation of vehicles